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Transforming Spaces with a Pendant Light Upgrade in the East Valley

Job Highlights: Last week, we successfully wrapped up a small home improvement project in the East Valley—a simple yet impactful kitchen upgrade installing new pendant lights.

With a growing interest in new lighting solutions, we transitioned this kitchen from conventional can lights to stylish modern pendant lights.

The entire process, from removing the old fixtures to installing new mounting kits, assembling and placing the new lights, testing the hardware, and concluding with a thorough cleanup, took approximately 2 hours for all three lights.

3 pendant lights installed on the ceiling in a Chandler AZ home
(Job completed) using (3) can light conversion kits

This is the kit we installed to convert the can lights to these pendant lights. Here is the link on Amazon

Can lights on the ceiling in Chandler AZ
(Job Before) Traditional can lights found in many East Valley homes

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