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Stunning Wallpaper Installation Service 

The Consumer Guide to Wallpaper Installation

Are you tired of staring at the same boring walls day after day? Let Reliable Service Company help you with your project.


It's important to make sure your walls are prepared correctly and that you understand the different types of wallpaper as well as how much wallpaper you will need.


Wall Preparation

Before you can install wallpaper, the walls must be prepared correctly to make sure that the paper adheres correctly.

1. Walls with flat paint or primer: These walls require a professional wall covering sealer applied, before the wallpaper can be applied, OR satin or semi-gloss paint. Wallpaper can be applied after seven days or more of cure time.

2. Walls with existing satin or semi-gloss paint: Ready for wallpaper as long as the paint has had seven days or more of cure time.

We can help if you require assistance in your wall preparation. 

Wallpaper Types

If you're looking to get wallpaper, there are two main types to consider: traditional pasted wallpaper and self-adhesive (or peel and stick) wallpaper.


1. Traditional wallpaper is a permanent solution that requires paste to hang and can damage the wall when removed.


2. Self-adhesive wallpaper is a temporary solution that's often used in rentals and kids' rooms. It's a great option if you like to change up your design frequently.


How Much Wallpaper Do You Need?

To figure out how much wallpaper you will need, get a tape measure and measure from floor to ceiling how high the wall is.  This is the height of the wall. 

Next measure the edge of the wall at the bottom to the edge of the wall at the bottom.  This is the length of the wall.

Multiplying these two numbers in feet will give you the square footage of your walls.  Repeat this process for each of the walls you are looking to wallpaper.

Online Wallpaper vs. Local Wallpaper

While you can find wallpaper on Amazon and other online retailers, we don't recommend this because the color may not match from roll to roll. Instead, consider ordering from a reputable local wallpaper store here in the Valley.

If you do order online or at a local store, you'll be asked whether you want traditional or self-adhesive wallpaper along with how much wallpaper you will need in square feet.

Having this information will ensure you order the correct amount and avoid any unnecessary waste or additional orders.


You are now ready for us to hang your wallpaper and make your walls look awesome!

Next Steps

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