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This Week in Handyman Services: Chandler & East Valley Highlights

BEFORE Video: The flag needed to be replaced badly at Mirage Park in Chandler.

AFTER Video: Here is the new flag installed, much better!

Here are the diverse handyman services I've been able to accomplish in just the past week:

  • Swapped out light bulbs, fixtures, and even had the honor of retiring an American flag at a condo in Chandler (the old flag was retired at the USPS).

  • Set up workout rings in a Scottsdale garage for a client's home gym.

  • Expanded the coverage on exterior outlets with larger covers and patched up drywall in Gilbert.

  • Overhauled a deck in Chandler—upgraded lattice, sturdier frame, and a fresh coat of paint to seamlessly blend with the existing deck.

  • In Chandler again, replaced outdated closet pull lights with sleek fixtures, added smoke detectors, and ensured the electrical outlets were in top-notch condition.

  • Modernized light switches to automatic ones in large home at Gilbert.

  • Crafted a nifty exterior platform for shoes and storage at a residence in Chandler.

  • Swapped out aging French doors with brand new ones in Chandler.

  • Worked on a set of blinds and resurrected a small storage shed in Mesa.

  • In Chandler, introduced a fresh interior door and a new set of patio blinds.

  • Diagnosed a shower leak in Gilbert and laid out the roadmap for a drying and restoration.

  • Mounted a security screen door complete with a bug screen in Mesa.

  • In Chandler once more, refreshed doors with new knobs and deadbolts, throwing in some toilet bowl repairs for good measure.

Now, it's time for a well-deserved break...for about a half day 🙂🏠

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