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Dramatic Door Difference: A Door Replacement Job in the East Valley

Job Highlights:

Recently, a client enlisted our handyman services to replace an exterior door due to issues with the existing one. The primary concerns were a non-functional pet door and improper closure.

Removing the old door proved to be a straightforward task. However, the real challenge lay in ensuring the precise leveling, plumbing, and effective sealing of the new door.

Addressing a significant gap in the old door's rough opening, I used spray foam to enhance the frame's sealing capabilities. This step was crucial for both insulation and creating a more airtight enclosure.

Following the installation, I replaced the interior and exterior trim, applying caulking on both sides. This not only resulted in a seamless transition but also served to further seal any potential gaps.

From start to finish, this entire installation process took approximately four hours.

If you're facing similar issues with your doors, consider reaching out to us for professional and timely solutions.

A new exterior door installed in an East Valley home
New door installed!

This was a metal exterior door purchased at one of the big box home improvement stores by the customer. The old trim was re-used.

Old exterior door with an unusable pet door
This door needed to be replaced for sure!

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