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Adding A Laundry Room Shelf In Scottsdale

laundry room shelf scottsdale

The homeowners in this Scottsdale residence requested some handyman work, which included drywall repairs and painting. They also wanted to transform the space above their washer and dryer into a more functional area.

To achieve this, we used an IKEA laundry room shelf. Although assembling the shelf was straightforward, the installation presented some challenges.

In this particular case, there was limited space to maneuver the washer and dryer from side to side. Additionally, the hoses at the back needed to be reattached before moving the units back into place.

Here's how we tackled the installation:

1. We disconnected the washer and dryer from the wall entirely. This was necessary because the hose fittings for hot and cold water were obstructing the installation of the shelf brackets.

2. We moved the units as far forward as possible, allowing us access to the wall's rear. This access was crucial for attaching the brackets that would secure the shelf.

3. After attaching the brackets, the next step was to install the shelf and secure it in place. This part was relatively straightforward, but it further reduced the space available for reattaching the hoses.

4. With limited space for hose reattachment, we pushed the washing machine as close to the wall as possible and reconnected the hot and cold water hoses, drainage, and power supply.

5. Due to zero room behind the dryer, we extended the dryer vent duct and connected it to the duct. The power cord was too short, so we had to purchase a longer one to provide just enough room for plugging it in and sliding the dryer back into place.

6. After a bit of cleanup, we presented the homeowner with the finished result, and they were pleased with the outcome.

If you'd rather not undertake a shelf installation like this on your own, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help with these kinds of tasks in the East Valley, Chandler/Gilbert and even including Scottsdale!

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