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Drywall Repairs In A Chandler AZ Home--Achieving A Smooth Finished Wall

We handle numerous drywall repair projects, often referred to as sheetrock or wallboard repairs. The initial steps of cutting and fitting the drywall patch are straightforward. However, the finishing process presents more of a challenge and is crucial to making the repair seamless.

For a patch to blend in perfectly with the existing wall, it must be smooth and even. Any unevenness will cause the patch to stand out. Additionally, matching the texture of the wall is essential. In Chandler and the surrounding East Valley, walls come in roughly half a dozen different textures, with the most difficult being a smooth finish. This aspect of the job often feels more like art than science as it involves replicating another person's texturing style.

The final step is ensuring the paint matches the rest of the wall. Sometimes, we're fortunate enough to have leftover paint from the original job. When we don't, we rely on getting the paint matched, which might not always result in a perfect match.

If you need a drywall repair here in Chandler or the surrounding East Valley, feel free to contact us for a quote. You can also call or text us at 480-536-1212. We're here to help and ensure your walls are flawless again!

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