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Chandler AZ Homes: Overcoming the Most Common Door Repair Challenge

Updated: Feb 18

In the first video below, we're presented with a door bearing clear signs of damage from a "lockout" incident, where the homeowner had to forcefully gain entry, resulting in a compromised door jamb and trim. Without diving too deep into the mechanics, it's worth noting that door jambs have retained the same fundamental components for roughly a century. Yet, variations in size, construction, and finish can pose challenges in sourcing identical replacement materials.

Fortunately, my tool selection enables me to cut and shape materials to the needed dimensions, allowing for a repair that blends seamlessly with the original structure, as demonstrated in the second video. This approach ensures that the repair not only restores function but also maintains the door's aesthetic integrity.

Some would argue why not just replace the entire door jamb, however with older homes (as was in this case) there are limited to no selections for the same kind of door jamb available.

Also, this door repair in Chandler AZ was done at a fraction of the cost of a total jamb replacement or pre-hung door.


After: Here is the completed door jamb and trim. A new deadbolt and door knob strike plate were added along with matching paint.

Here is a picture of the repair from the outside of the door.

If you have a problem with your door such as:

  • A damaged door jamb

  • A loose or sticking door

  • A door knob or deadbolt that doesn't work

  • Damaged door trim

  • Holes in the door itself

Reach out to us at 480-536-1212 or contact us for a free quote, we have a lot of experience in these kind of repairs and can make your door like-new again.

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