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Service Rates 

We offer a variety of tasks commonly referred to as "Handyman" services.  Sometimes this involves a simple list to be completed, or a single, larger project.  Our specialty is small projects and odd jobs. 


Service Rate: $80.00 per hour + materials, if any

We charge a flat rate for our services, with a one hour minimum. There are no additional trip charges in our service area.


Materials can be provided by the client, or purchased by us, based on your requirements.  For this, we do charge our normal flat rate for shopping, transportation and delivery back to your location or job site. 

We do not mark up parts or materials. 

Estimates and consultation: In an effort to combat high transportation costs, we provide free phone estimates and consultations.


Since we are experienced in many of the common services your require, we can make an estimate of hours up front. 


We do not normally conduct in-person estimates unless it is a special circumstance or large project. 

Although every effort is made to estimate the time involved, unexpected issues may affect the total hours at the end of the service. 

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